Version 0.2.0a

Change log:

  • Added sound effects on run animations 
  • Added ammo boxes 
  • Added reflex scope on main weapons
  • Allow player climb on higher obstacles 
  • Disable enemies tags on multiplayer 
  • Change the audio output position 
  • Changed character shadders to react to shadows and light 
  • Fixed gravity sliding bug on inclined surfaces 
  • Updated camera transitions and movement 
  • Updated animations and transitions 
  • Updated multiplayer scenario 
  • Minor changes

We are working to make the multiplayer login connected with account, to make easier to find players and login.

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Version 3 91 days ago

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Hey how do I log in the multiplayer mode

Couldnt figure it out yet :( 

There is just the Option to log in with an existing account

Could somebody help me?

I'm working to make this proccess easier, making the game connect automaticaly. with the account, but for while I need to create a multiplayer account manually. 

So you need to send me an email and user name you want to use on the game for register your account.