Version 0.1.1a

Change Log:

  • Added Bullet tracing
  • Added more sound effects
  • Added the game on to receive autoupdates
  • Added ammo boxes on multiplayer scenario
  • Added a new weapon
  • Added some effects to FPS camera
  • Created some animations for blind fire*
  • Changed scenario lightining
  • Changed death screen effects
  • Changed weapons parameters
  • Allow type special characters on the login screen
  • Enabled hand guns (revolver and pistol)
  • Decreased the master volume of the game
  • Disabled UI interaction of some items
  • Edited some cover animations
  • Edited Slide animations
  • Fixed sound effects range
  • Fixed cursor lock when changing screens
  • Fixed UI elements on gameplay and menu
  • Fixed some animation transitions
  • Updated select screen to allow select the weapons**
  • Upgrade cover corner detection

    * this function still not enabled
    ** Still not available on multiplayer

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    Version 2 Jul 19, 2019

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