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Mercenaries Land

Mercenary Multiplayer Third Person Shooter · By paramilitary


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Version 0.2.0a
Change log: Added sound effects on run animations Added ammo boxes Added reflex scope on main weapons Allow player climb on higher obstacles Disable enemies...
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Game in progress
We are uploading one of the multiplayer tests we did few months ago to tell that we are working on the game again. A new version with a lot of bug fixes and upd...
Development paused
Hi, I would like you guys to know that I decided to pause the development of the game for few weeks or months to focus on my career and family, so the updates o...
​Work In Progress 0.1.2a
Work In Progress 0.1.2a -Trying to make the camera movement smoother, adding new features and fixing bugs...
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Version 0.1.1a
Change Log: Added Bullet tracing Added more sound effects Added the game on to receive autoupdates Added ammo boxes on multiplayer scenario Added a new...
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